Battlefield Social Worker, Jackie Chan Hung-sau and 7 others were charged with rioting at a pro-democracy rally on August 31, 2019. September 15 marked the 6th day of the 17-day trial.

In court, the police’s Special Tactical Squad officer, Wong Ming-Fai, denied the accusation that he had violently bashed one of the defendants with his police baton.

The officer claimed that he wanted to prevent the defendant from running away, saying, “I used the baton to control and calm him down. I did not bash him violently.”

The defending lawyer also pointed out that there were 7 to 8 people encircling the 3rd defendant on the scene and asked police officer Tsang Hing-hung to identify his colleagues.

The officer said that he could only tell by reading their operation numbers. The lawyer further challenged whether it is a reasonable expectation for a civilian to tell whether a black-clad onlooker is a police officer or not, since none of the police officers displayed their warrants nor identification pin.

Source: InMedia HK