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A few days ago, Beijing Daily, a CCP mouthpiece, openly insulted the US Secretary of State Mr. Mike Pompeo as “Fat Pig Pom”. It has also harshly criticized Mr. Pompeo’s speech on the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, and claimed that his grave concern over the arrest of 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists a complete nonsense, distortion of law concept and lack of basic legal knowledge. Ironically, CCP’s mouthpiece is so condescending as trying to give Mr. Pompeo a “lecture” on the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Hong Kong National Security Law to “enhance his knowledge”.

Background Information

On the 23rd August, 12 Hong Kong people were arrested by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau in Mainland China when they tried to flee to Taiwan by sea. During his speech marking the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, Secretary Pompeo expressed deep concern over the incident and questioned the rule of law status and the protection of human rights in Hong Kong. At the same time, he called on the CCP government to ensure that the 12 arrested Hong Kong people have entitlement to their relevant legal rights and follow the due process.

Beijing Dailys Views

The overall view of Beijing Daily, a CCP propaganda, is that Secretary Pompeo is an anti-China activist, who is not in a position to be concerned about the arrest of Hong Kong people and the arbitrary trample on the Chinese people in Mainland China by the CCP with five main reasons listed in the article to further support its views.

Firstly, it reported that the CCP government claimed that the US has no right to criticize the Party’s treatment of the Chinese people especially when its own people are already struggling to survive on their own in a dire situation (e.g., over 6 million CCP virus cases with nearly 200,000 deaths; catastrophic bushfire in California, .etc).

Secondly, the propaganda apparatus has criticized that Secretary Pompeo has no knowledge at all, particularly lack of understanding of the Criminal Law of the P.R.C and the recently imposed National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Thirdly, given the fact that the Chinese people have been long enslaved by the CCP, it is totally up to the Party to decide the treatment and even the fate of its own people. Any form of foreign interference into CCP’s internal affairs is not acceptable.

Fourthly, under CCP’s legal system, a person can be convicted simply based on “assumption and speculation” of so-called attempted illegal entry, terrorism and assault on police officers subject to law enforcement personnel’s personal and arbitrary judgement. Last but not least, any “suspects” will be given severe sentences at trial under “particularly serious circumstances”.

Authors Critiques

The CCP’s smear of Mr. Pompeo as an anti-China activist is a complete nonsense. Clearly Mr. Pompeo is in opposition to the CCP, a totalitarian dictatorship, and its Kleptocrats but not the innocent Chinese people or China as a nation. Pompeo’s differentiation between the CCP and Chinese people can also be fully confirmed by General Secretary Xi’s recent speech about the five “Never Agree”, accusing foreign nations of attempt to separate the Chinese people from the CCP.

Let’s take a close look at the five points listed in Beijing Daily’s report and the wicked and twisted logic of the CCP. With respect to the first and third points, the logic of the CCP and its propaganda is that the US government is not allowed to criticize the Party’s inhumane treatment of its own people, power abuse and any other violations of human rights in the face that the US itself has been struggling in a devastating situation.

It is a typical example to expose the rogue nature and wicked logic of CCP and its mouthpieces given that the Party worship whoever is the more evil but powerful since everyone is imperfect in the real world. However, the CCP and its propaganda precisely ignore the fact that the freedom of religious belief and rule of law as the foundation of civilized nations, through which everyone needs a consistent set of internal and external disciplines and restrictions to achieve improvement and advancement in all aspects of leaning and working experiences.

Its second point criticizing Mr. Pompeo lack of legal knowledge of the Criminal Law of the P.R.C. and the Hong Kong National Security Law is even more ridiculous to the point of jaw dropping. The essence of rule of law is that it is not just a legal system which simply relies on abusive law enforcement imposed by the government or subject. The forceful and arbitrary forms legislated by senior officials to justify violent behavior are totally opposite to the rule of law. Instead, a basic and independent legal framework and operating procedure should be established to regulate and restrain all government authorities, officials and individual social activities. It is so pathetic that the CCP’s rule by fiat has reached to a point that the Party even itself cannot differentiate the real rule of law systems from the fake ones. The fake rule of law system embodies the essence of violence, while the real ones reflect truly independent legal framework all individual and organizational agents should obey and observe.  

Furthermore, the absurdity and confusion of the CCP’s laws have been further revealed in above mentioned point 4 and 5. A person can be convicted merely based on so-called “intention of illegal entry” without any solid evidence. People would also serve a severe sentence under “particularly serious circumstances” incited by mainstream media’s disinformation and distortion of truth. This is an inheritance of the most corrupted and evil legal principle of Presumption of Guilt in ancient Chinese history. Sadly, the mainstream medias, domestic and abroad, has no sense of shame or principles at all but rather in collaboration with the CCP to spread misinformation.


CCP’s propaganda machine is supposed to show off its media muscle that it can also sharply criticize the government as its counterparts in the West. While pathetically, the CCP’s propaganda medias now do not even know the limits and standards of being critical under the decades of rule of falsehood, rule of violence and rule of police forces system inside China.

In the Western society, if news media carries out such racist attacks, interference in the judicial process, or public defamation and insulting on political leaders of other countries, they will definitely bear severe consequences upon their behavior.

On the other side, the CCP and its propaganda arm have planned to show its muscle to the US and the world, but instead it’s just another piece of evidence to expose its rogue nature. Ironically, this Beijing Daily’s article was banned and taken offline fairly soon afterwards inside China. If the CCP’s propaganda machines are bold enough, why they are not keeping bringing smear campaigns on to freely challenge and smear foreign leaders and the countries?

The signal is clear here. Why the US government hasn’t yet dropped the hammers from judicial, financial, military and political aspects in the face of CCP’s aggressive provocation and insult to American national spirit and image? Could the US afford to go through another wave of biochemical virus, abusive propaganda and shameless provocation from the CCP? Action, action, action is the key!

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