Author: Dawn, Himalaya Farm Canada

On September 16, 2020, people from all over Canada rallied at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada and Chinese consular in Vancouver to protest against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Protesters peacefully and orderly paraded through downtown Ottawa and demonstrated in front of the Chinese Embassy.

On Sept 14, 2020, top coronavirus virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan from the prestigious Hong Kong University P3 Lab and her team of scientists in US published a scientific paper with solid scientific evidence to prove that the COVID-19 virus was engineered in Wuhan lab by the CCP and was released to harm the world on purpose. So far across the world, at least 30 million people have been infected and 1 million people have died from it. Human race is facing the biggest existential threat of our era.

The protesters are mainly expatriates of the communist China, now proud members of the New Federal State of China. Some people drove 3000 km to join the protest. The purpose of the demonstration is to expose the hideous crimes committed by the CCP to the world and demand Canadian government to confront the CCP and prevent its further nefarious attacks. The protesters were all dressed uniformly in T-shirts of ocean blue color with golden seven-pointed stars, the logo of the New Federal State of China. They were vigorously waving the flags of New Federal State China and energetically chanting the slogans “CCP Lied, Canadian Died” and “Take down the CCP” and dancing to the music of “Take Down the CCP” and “A Roar of the Vast Sea”.

This is yet another round of many protests recently around the world by oversea Chinese to awaken the world of the existential threat imposed to the entire human race by the CCP. “More and more Canadians are aware that this is no longer about politics, this is about the survival of every human being in this world.” said a local Canadian who joined the rally after hearing, from a few blocks away, the powerful singing of “Take down the CCP” which ranked the top song in iTunes recently.

Once again, the relentless Chinese people have clearly and loudly voiced their messages to the world:
1) The CCP does not represent Chinese people
2) COVID -19 virus is the CCP virus
3) The CCP lied, Canadians and people around the world died
4) Take down the CCP

We urge Canadian media to report and amplify our voice and messages. They must fulfill their obligations and duties as Canadian taxpayers funded media and prove they are neither complicit nor naïve about the CCP.

We urge all Canadians and Canadian government to join the New Federal State of China and our global allies to fight the CCP. This is not a question of fighting for the Chinese people, the Chinese are the whistleblowers, we are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence of the CCP’s tyranny and malicious and lethal attacks and in defence of all that is most sacred to human race, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The CCP is the virus, the CCP is the plague of our time, we must eradicate it. We must fight to reach victory otherwise the whole world would sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

Take Down the CCP!!! It is a call of justice. It is a matter of survival of the humanity!!! As Dr. Yan said there is not much time left, we must act now!!!

Videos about Peaceful Protests in Canada:

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