Grenville Cross, a British barrister who was appointed Director of Public Prosecutions in 1997, commented in China Daily that Hong Kong Police Force deserve Nobel Peace Prizes. The commentary was translated into Chinese and printed on Wen Wei Po today, a Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece in Hong Kong.

In his article, he lamented the “riots” in the protest movement and claimed that the ones who hurled Molotov cocktails at police lines should be charged with attempted murder. He mentioned that “no less than 483 policemen were injured by the “violence” involved in the social unrest.

Whether charging protesters hurling Molotov cocktails with attempted murder is appropriate is highly questionable. There have been video clips and pictures revealed that the Hong Kong Police Force did murder Hongkongers, including throwing a body out of the residence compound of police officers, shooting at armless young men at a close range, and intentionally delaying first aids to take care of severely wounded citizens.

Cross, called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1974 by the Middle Temple, was the youngest prosecutor in Hong Kong when CCP occupied Hong Kong in 1997. Over the years, Cross has been listed on top of the current affairs commentators in Beijing-funded media in Hong Kong.

Cross’s ridiculous, if not maniac, comments on the HKPF being eligible for Nobel Peace Prizes have shocked many in the city, especially the force owned itself a worldwide resistance after bullying a 12-year-old girl on September 6.