Assistant professor from mainland China picked offerings for dishes and soup, criticising students for calling themselves “Hongkongers” and “forgetting their ancestors”.

According to students of the Government and Public Department in CUHK, Li Wei, an assistant professor from China, shared photos of offerings on the road to Facebook group on 4 Sept, and criticised people wasting food as they did not collect their food back after worship. On 6 Sep, she shared another photo of soup and 3 dishes made from those offerings collected from the road. She revealed stealing peanuts, bean curd and oranges for cooking, stating those food was “simple and delicious”. Students of that department were shocked.

Li also replied a post about street booth against National Security Law in the Government and Public Department Facebook group, which was published on 6 Jun. In her reply, she questioned if there was any meaning to protest against “National Security Law” if it has been enacted already and derided students “doing something useless, wasting their time and shortening their lives” to sleep on the street and shouting slogans. She suggested students “observing and doing some researches.” Her speech has caused a dispute with students.

Moreover, Li Wei continued to criticised students, “Calling yourselves Hongkongers all the time and forget who your ancestor is. If you don’t support the Chinese Community Party (CCP), then run a better party in Hong Kong.”

Source: CUHK Campus Radio