After an incredible interview with Tucker Carlson — where in no uncertain terms, Dr. Li-Meng Yan calls out the Chinese Communist Party for its role in deliberately releasing COVID-19 and intentionally infecting the world with the disease — Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have already moved in lockstep to classify Dr. Yan as ‘false information.’

How can these companies have determined, evaluated, and refuted the scientific data that Dr. Yan has compiled and provided so quickly?

In short, they can’t, so they’re taking what they view as the next best option:


These companies, finding themselves vastly more powerful than the East India Company was at the height of the British empire, have once again chosen to use their platforms to deliberately misinform their own users. The outsized ability for several large companies to sway public opinion by attempting to downplay the existential threat posed by the CCP represents another dangerous facet to this story. If allowed to continue unabated — many users of these platforms will have instilled in them (by large supranational companies, accountable to no one) the false idea that Dr. Yan is spreading ‘disinformation’. Perhaps the CCP, or ‘Fellow Travelers’ with sympathies, are embedded deeply at the leadership levels of these companies.

As a result of this censorship, the users of these platforms may continue to view the Chinese Communist Party as a benevolent and cooperative rising power, rather than see it for the dictatorship that it is. The governing model of China — a ‘Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship’ is seen as a playbook for how to govern the United States (and, of course, all other countries) in the future for those who have long been duped by Marxist teachings.


Dr. Yan has taken on great personal risk to flee Hong Kong, where she worked in a World Health Organization Reference lab and escaped with data proving that COVID-19 was a manufactured biological weapon — meanwhile, executives of large technology companies in the West are now finding themselves forced to cover up for the Chinese Communist Party and all of its foul play.