Lui Xiaoming, the CCP’s ambassador to the UK, is one of the wolf-warriors defending the Chinese Communist Party. A few days after his Twitter account was caught “liking” a pornographic tweet, his account was caught “liking” a tweet about admitting to the truth of CCP’s spread of the Wuhan virus. The Chinese netizens were joking about Liu’s becoming a defector.

After retweeting a propaganda piece from the CCP mouthpiece China Daily, Liu Xiaoming received many sarcastic replies about his “liking” of a pornographic tweet. One of the replies from a Twitter accounted called “CCP VIRUS” says: “it’s wuhan virus! be bold n admit what the CCP has done to the world!”. Liu “liked” this reply.

The Chinese netizens said:

The Chinese embassy in the UK condemned the “hacking of Liu’s Twitter account” after his account liked a pornographic tweet. But Twitter has not yet said that this was done by a hacker. Twitter declined to comment on this incident.

Even though the Chinese Communist regime does not allow Chinese people to use Twitter by blocking it with the “Great Firewall”, many CCP diplomats like Liu Xiaoming use Twitter to spread the CCP’s propaganda.