1. The herdsman was collecting grass, and local CCP officials came to “enlighten” him, the herdsman said angrily: “I did not break the law, I just do not send the child to the school”.
  2. A murderer served fraudulent imprisonment and became a CCP government official. The victim’s mother has been running for complaints for 27 years. Justice came at last! “Chunzi, Mom brought justice for you. Mom avenged you. It’s been 30 years…” . “I sue him (the murderer) pouring all my fortune” On September 4, 2020, the Inner Mongolia’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee announced the reopening of the investigation.
  3. Armed CCP police kept harassing the herdsmen day and night. The people’s complaints rise all around: we are no longer afraid of death. It is useless to threaten us with death anymore. Let me tell you. You must be the biggest evil force. I have all the evidence in my hand. You can follow them, and take my life, but let me you that I have this determination. Do you have it?
  4. The CCP police trampled on human dignity by violently treating the parents of their children in front of them.
  5. Mr. Guo Wengui’s latest song “TAKE DOWN THE CCP”, from its release to the top of the world’s most download charts of iTUNEs in just 2 days, has created a miracle in the history of global music, and also reflects the world’s strong support for the elimination of the CCP! The song “Take Down the CCP” is a screaming bullet that shoots into the heart of the CCP! or them to declare that they had saved their people on the back of the American farmer.