The Heung To Middle School Students’ Concern Group informed the media that the school principal and the discipline master met with a Form 4 student on Sept 7, 2020, as pro-democracy slogan was displayed as the student’s profile image on Microsoft Teams.

The student was severely penalized by the school for immediately suspending schooling for a week. Should the student want to continue his study, 2 major demerits are to be recorded to reflect his ‘misconduct’. Besides, the school warned him from taking part in any pro-democracy activities in the future, or face expulsion straightaway.

In the presence of the student’s parents, the principal stressed that the school is handling the incident strictly, as it has “dented the school’s reputation”. It was said that the student has been “working against the school, blowing trivialities into a huge problem to attract public attention”, which forced the school to make explanation to the public.

The school is well-known for being a pro-CCP education institution in Hong Kong. The principal even hinted for the student to “seek a new school” in the meeting, saying they did not believe the student would change his behavior. The school went on stressing that a dismissal could be the best solution.

Earlier in June this year, the same school dismissed a teacher for letting the students sing the song “May Glory To Hong Kong”.

Source: Apple Daily; Stand News; Heung To Indigenous