On Saturday, September 5, Chinese dissident Miles Guo made a guest appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic to disclose the Chinese Communist Party’s biochemical warfare against the US. He had waited for three years to make the announcement in public.

Three years ago in 2017, Miles Guo was to hold a press conference at the Hudson Institute and he planned to give the FBI the only document in the world which could prove the existence of a so-called “13579 war plan”, the CCP’s bio-chemical warfare against the US. The document did not only outline the war plan but also bore the signature of Xi Jinping for his final approval to implement the plan.

With the cancelation of the event by the Hudson Institue after receiving threats from the CCP, Mr. Guo realized that the US could not protect him let alone his family in China. So he had no choice but to burn the document. He revealed on social media that he had to burn a top-secret document out of the concerns for the safety of himself, his family, and other people who risked their lives to obtain the document.

More importantly, the CCP’s enablers and colluders in the US pose greater threats than the CCP itself. Since 2017, Mr. Guo has devoted himself to a three-year-endeavor called the Whistleblower Movement to expose the CCP’s deep infiltrations in the West.

In September 2017, Miles Guo held a press conference at the National Press Club and sent out a warning: “I am here to tell all of our friends in the US, Japan, Europe, and all the peace-loving people in the world. Trust me! Dark nights are descending upon us soon! You must be vigilant. Dark nights from the Chinese kleptocrats will be descending upon us soon! It will devastate the entire world and western civilization and threaten each and every one of us. We must be on our guard!”

The CCP’s evilness is beyond the comprehension of normal people, so only time can prove Miles Guo’s forewarnings. Even though the entire world is being plagued by the CCP-virus, many people still cannot believe that the virus came from a lab.

Sept 5, 2020: Miles Guo reveals the CCP’s biochemical warfare against the US on War Room Pandemic Episode 371:

What is “13579” War Plan?

“13579” is a top-secret war plan masterminded by Chi Haotian and signed by Xi Jinping.

Miles Guo recalls the burning of the secret document in his Getter post on https://gtv.org

Some Chinese netizens were trying to decode the numbers. Lude Show has confirmed that the number “3” means making the weapon available within 3 years (since 2017).

Here is an “unofficial” version on Twitter:

Who is Chi Haotian?

Chi Haotian is one of the most hawkish Chinese generals. He was the defense minister from 1993-2003 and became the vice-chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Military Commission in 1995.

Chi Haotian (9 July 1929 – ) joined the CCP in 1946.

In 1973, he became the vice political commissar of Beijing Military Region and vice editor in chief of a prominent newspaper called “People’s Daily”. He was elected as a member of the central military commission in 1988.

In 1989, Chi played an important role in the brutal military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square Protests.

In 1993 Chi became a state council member and the Minister of National Defense until 2003. He was also the director of the Law of National Defense Draft Commission. He was elected to be vice-chairman of the central military commission (CMC) of the CCP in September 1995, and later the CMC of the state.

He was elected as a member of the central committee of CCP’s 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th National Congresses, and a Politburo member at 15th Congress. He was awarded First-class honor in 1952, and Third-Class Liberation medal in 1985. He was made general in 1988.

Chi Haotian’s speech about killing Americans

People can get a sense of how crazy Chi Haotian is from his speeches prepared for the purpose of recommending military strategies to the top CCP officials. Some of his speeches are available to the public on a Chinese Website such as Baidu Wiki.

Quotes from General Chi Haotian’s speeches:

Discussing the hostility between nations


I wrote down this title with a heavy heart because our progress of sinicization had been interrupted by external forces and direct invasions. The most typical one is the “Golden Decade” between 1927-37… It was a decade with fast economic development … But the Japanese could not tolerate that… The Japanese invasion slowed down the sinicization significantly.

Disallowing China to develop and stopping sanitization have been the unwavering national policy for powerful countries especially Japan. Our history has taught us the most painful lessons.

There can be collaborations between countries, but competition, conflict, and war (an extreme form of conflict) is the essence. Collaboration is temporary and conditional. Competition-and-conflict is the absolute and dominant theme throughout history. So, Peace-and-development being the main theme of our time is totally wrong. (It could be used as a temporary strategy at most). This kind of saying lacks an error-proof theoretical basis and contradicts facts-and-history.

China and Japan are the arch enemies due to geopolitical conflicts throughout history. The split between China and the (former) Soviet Union is solid proof that the guiding principle for every country is to pursue its national interest, which leaves no room for morality… There were many reasons (for the China-USSR split in the 1960s), but the most fundamental reason is that the USSR did not want to see China becoming an equal as an emerging power, even though such potential was far from reality (back then).

Discussing conquering America by using biochemical weapons:


Please click here to read the translation of Chi’s speech in its entirety.

2017: Miles Guo’s Press Conference at the National Press Club (English Version)