New Zealanders are gradually learning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s infiltration through a series of breaking news recently including Serious Fraud Office investigating CCP sponsored donations to political parties, the death of two Chinese activists who were on their way to present a petition to NZ parliament regarding CCP’s infiltration to NZ society, Professor Anne-Marie Bradly’s oral submission to the Justice Committee Inquiry into Foreign Interference, the recent resignation of National MP Jian Yang and Labour MP Raymond Huo.

Mr Miles Guo, the leader of Whistle Bowlers’ Movement, has unveiled more shocking facts that how the CCP has actually turned New Zealand into its own treasure island, during his online interview[1] with the New Zealand Himalaya Association[2] on 17 August 2020.

According to Miles, the corrupted members of the CCP have long chosen New Zealand as their Treasure Island to hide wealth they have stolen from Chinese people not just for themselves, but also for their mistresses and their numerous illegitimate children.

The official data release on the Immigration NZ’s website show that 2014 marks record year for net immigration figures with an annual net gain of migrants that has exceeds 50, 000 the first time. The official data shows that there were only 7,200 migrants from China in 2014. Miles told us that there were further 10,000+ Chinese who hold passports of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, have also immigrated to NZ in the same year. This is because that CCP insiders have sensed that culture revolution 2.0 was coming after Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan took office since 2013 and started to use ani-corruption campaign as an excuse to suppress their political opponents. For example, Fang FengHui (a former top general of PLA) have chosen NZ to hide his illegitimate children.

Kiwi fruit

Lots of famous Chinese entrepreneurs have also migrated to NZ, for example Jack Ma from Alibaba, Wang Jian the ex CEO of HNA group, Chen Feng the Chairman of HNA group and Ma Mingzhe the ex-Chairman and CEO of Ping An Insurance.          

According to Wikipedia, Wang Jian was the co-founder and co-chairman of Hainan Airlines and the affiliated conglomerate HNA Group, with assets worth US$230 billion in 2018. In July 2018, Wang went on a business trip in France. On 3 July, he took a sightseeing detour with his colleagues in Bonnieux, a hilltop village in the region of Provence. He climbed onto a low wall above a cliff to have his picture taken, but lost his balance and fell backward, landing on rocks about 15 meters below. He was pronounced dead a few hours later. According to French media reports, eye-witnesses of the incident said that Wang died by jumping off the wall. But French police denied these claims. Wang’s death was a blow to HNA, which was in the midst of selling its foreign assets to reduce its debt load, and the prices of the company’s dollar bonds fell after his death was confirmed.

Wang Jian’s estranged wife lives in Seattle, but one of Wang Jian’s closest family member lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Miles said that Wang Jian had travelled at least 5 times to New Zealand before died in France. This indicates that New Zealand was very important to Wang Jian. The key to the truth of his mysterious death is inside New Zealand.

Another famous formal Chinese politician – Sun Lijun, the ex-Deputy Minister of Public Security, owns a dozen of mansions and a couple of apartment buildings in New Zealand, according to Mr Guo. Sun has not just hidden the stolen wealth in the forms of properties, but also in gold bricks and art masterpieces.

There are more than one thousand super-rich corrupted CCP high officials and their affiliated businessmen have treated New Zealand as their treasure island, so their wealth can be kept safe in this secure, remote but nice island country even after the CCP is taken down somehow in the future.

The question for New Zealanders is that do we know that our banking system has always been used as the biggest money laundry facility to transfer corrupted money from overseas and our law and order has now been turned into a safety net for the stolen wealth from those hardworking ordinary Chinese people. 

New Zealand, do you know that the CCP has turned you into its own treasure island. It is the time to wake up and fight back!