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Australian mainstream leftist media SBS launched a poll on Twitter yesterday: Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced on the 19th Aug that every Australian will be able to receive a coronavirus vaccine for free – should trials prove safe and effective, would you get the vaccine?

Till 11 am, 20th Aug, a total of 12,656 people participated in the vote. The result showed that 54% of the people opposed the free vaccination. The cause was that the Australian government recently signed an agreement with the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. Once the vaccine developed by Oxford University passes the final stage of human trials, it will authorize Australian pharmaceutical companies to mass-produce. The Australian government plans to vaccinate all Australians for free, so that the vaccination rate of the Australian population will reach 95%.

On 19th August, Australian PM Morrison said that he hoped that vaccination would be as mandatory as possible, and that only people who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons could be exempted in an interview with Australian media.

Twitter account Fyhfr left a message and said: How can we expect a magical vaccine for a Lab modified virus with very high mutation rate! Remember vaccine is still not available for SARS which started in 2003! Now our PM think the vaccine will be ready for the much stronger SARS-Covid 19 within a few months!

Tweet from XishiLotus: Senior CCP officials have proved to us that hydroxychloroquine sulphate is safe. I believe in hydroxychloroquine, but I don’t believe in vaccines.

Tweet from Wenxi: Free vaccine? It’s just paid by tax from another pocket of every taxpayer.

Tweet from Ewart Dave: There is no vaccine, this is irresponsible.

Tweet from xima: CCPVirus is a group of variation, no vaccine can be one for all, given this, it could be doubted its effectiveness. Worried on this.

Tweet from Ewen: When the Prime Minister of Australia announced yesterday that he would give citizens free vaccinations, I understood why hydroxychloroquine was so rejected in Australia. When the benefits are large enough, all beliefs and morals would stand aside.

Many tweets in the message area questioned that the constantly emerging vaccine news is just a money game all around the world. As the CCP still hides the truth of coronavirus and refuses to hand over the correct gene sequence of the original strain, coupled with the virus’s super mutation characteristics, it is almost impossible to make a breakthrough in vaccine development.

Many tweets said that the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of coronaviruses has been recognized by many frontline medical workers around the world. This drug is low-cost, easy to produce, easy to promote, safer and more effective, and has been recognized by Dr. Stephen Smith, an American infectious disease expert. Dr. Zev Zelenko, a first-line doctor in New York, believes it is the hope of ending the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Australian government disregarded scientific facts and not only did not promote the over-the-counter use of hydroxychloroquine, but instead banned doctors from giving patients hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus. What is the trick here?

The Australian government spent 250 million Australian dollars in April this year to purchase 10 million coronavirus test kits produced by China BGI. However, the state government believes that these test kits are unnecessary and incompatible with existing test equipment. As a result, most of the kits were left unused. The Australian Department of Health admitted that the shelf life of this batch of test kits is only 6 months. Then, who will take responsibility for the wasted 250 million Australian dollars?

Going back to the topic of vaccines, many tweets questioned that vaccines are not actually free. No pharmaceutical company will send out billions of Australian dollars in vaccines for free. Some people who support vaccination also question the use of the vaccine on a large scale without rigorous testing. They said that usually the development of vaccines takes several years, and the hastily launched vaccines make it impossible for people to understand its side effects and long-term effects.

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