July 29, Wuhan, Hubei. A nurse in the Department of Cardiology of Wuhan Union Hospital fell off the building and died. The family members said that the nurse was the only child in the family, and her child is less than two years old and she had worked in the hospital for almost five years.

A social media post showed that she had conflicts with the director of the nursing department before for speaking up for the working conditions of nurses in her hospital. Wuhan Union Hospital was once the front line of fighting the CCP virus. At the most critical moment of the pandemic, hospital nurses were in a situation of lacking basic protective equipment and essential supplies. The nurse suggested to replace the directors of the Concord Nursing Department and accused them of only working in relatively clean offices, while nurses were working in the quarantined area continuously for at least 8 hours without eating, drinking, or going to restroom. In addition, nurses were required to administer coronavirus tests. These nurses had not received any training on how to perform testing, but were demanded to enter the isolation ward and do testing at the risk of being infected. The director and physicians of Wuhan Union Hospital had never even entered the isolation ward to participate in any diagnosis or treatment.

When the “falling” incident occurred, the investigation team went to Union Hospital for probing and requested the hostipal to provide surveillance footage. The hospital claimed that the security camera was “broken” and could not provide supportive information. In this way, it is impossible to find out whether the nurse committed suicide or fell into victim of potential homicide. The official statement was only a two-sentence notification without any further explanation.

In fact, the nurse is just a microcosm of the bureaucracy in a Chinese hospital run by CCP. Employees are unreasonably oppressed, working as much as they can, having infection risk and being on their own after problems occur. On the contrary, as directors of Wuhan Union Hospital Hospital, they enjoy a better office environment, higher salary and staying away from the front lines. Finally, when there is a medical accident, those hospital directors shift responsibility to nurses and interns, and they continue to enjoy their life and career. What a pity. Such a hard working nurse lost her life at the age of 28, leaving behind a toddler who needs love and care the most at this age.

Reference: https://www.aboluowang.com/2020/0731/1483384.html