Author: 雨人

Editors: 诰佑   GS 

Anti-CCP protests swept the world on July 27. The New Federal State of China coordinated the effort demanding the truth about the COVID-19 virus from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP Embassies attempted to sabotage the protests through their foreign influence. 


Residents in New Zealand answered the call from the New Federal State of China. They started gathering at the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland at six in the morning. Local Maoris performed a themed haka to cheer them on. “The CCP lied, Kiwis died,” was echoed by hundreds. They demanded international efforts to take down the CCP (Yi). 

Chinese Australians chanted in front of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. Their voice resonated through the rain: “CCP lied, People died”! “Take down the CCP!” The Sydney Morning Herald covered the event. The press labeled the protestors as Chinese separatists backed by Steven Bannon (Bagshaw). On June 4, 2020, Bannon joined Miles Guo at the inauguration of the New Federal State of China. However, there was no evidence suggesting Bannon as the organizer of the Australian protest. The motives of labeling remained unknown. The CCP’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission allegedly reprimanded the ambassador in New Zealand after failing to subdue the demonstrations as promised (Guo).

The organizer, Hong An, responded to media inquiries that they were trying to wake up the innocent Australians to the evilness of the CCP. The protesters further demanded investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 virus. An believed that dismantling the CCP was the right answer for humanity.


The Anti-CCP campaign in Japan coincided with the South Korean event. More than 120 Chinese gathered in Tokyo from all over Japan to stage demonstrations at the Chinese Embassy. The local Japanese police obstructed the protest. After hours of reasoning, the protesters finally gained approvals to go near the Chinese Embassy. The police restricted the size of the gatherings for protestors. The protesters could only go up to the street corner in groups of five, one group at a time

The Anti-CCP protest in South Korea received support from the local police. These protesters circled the Chinese Embassy and walked around the U.S. Embassy with police escorts. They displayed the flags of the New Federal state of China and showed their support for the exiled virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan.


France and the United Kingdom both witnessed parades of Anti-CCP demonstrators. 

Guo claimed the French authorities had been compromised by the CCP. The officials deployed eight police cars and dozens of police officers. They formed a blockade on the route towards the Chinese Embassy. The officers intercepted the crowds and ordered them to march towards a small park instead. After hours of negotiations, the police yielded to the protesters’ perseverance. The protestors were cooperative with the police and provided personal IDs as demanded (need source for the underlined info). French locals were enthusiastic and supportive of the protest and their demands.

In London, residents marched towards the Chinese Embassy. Two participants traveled from Ireland by plane to join the protest. The protesters received invasive surveillance from suspected Chinese diplomatic staff.


Canadian supporters of the New Federal State of China kicked off their first anti-communist march in Toronto in the early morning (NFSC Anti-CCP Demonstration in Canada). Chinese Americans took action in D.C. and Houston. Their peaceful and orderly protests were in stark contrast to the violent rioters motivated by Marxist ideologies

The U.S. House Freedom Caucus gathered at the Freedom Summit in D.C. to address the rising threat from the Chinese Communist Party. Distinguished attendees exchanged ideas on how the world should combat the CCP

From the East to the West, supporters of the New Federal State of China initiated the first global Protest against the Chinese Communist Party. The campaign further differentiated the identity of the Chinese people from the CCP.  The OverseasChinese  arose against the evil regime. They took action to pursue the rule of law and democracy. Their actions dismissed the myth that Chinese people approved of the CCP’s authoritative governance (老姜). 

These Anti-CCP actions displayed de novo images of Chinese people with dignity and pride. It further showcased the rebirth of China. The founder of the New Federal State of China, Miles Guo, praised their dedication. Guo believed that 1.4 billion Chinese would soon join the world to eradicate communism (Guo)


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