Chinese professor of Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law, pro-democracy activist from Qinghua University Xu Zhangrun made his first public statement by an open letter on Jul 19th after being released by CCP. In his open letter, he pointed out that CCP was swaying in the midst of a raging storm and he believed that totalitarianism must be defeated. He expressed that in the near future he planned to “make a living by writing” and “I will fight until I die” after he was fired by Qinghua University.

Professor Xu voiced that CCP’s state media preached that the country is “moving in a right direction”, but the reality is, majority of China is covered by flood while amidst the struggle of pandemic. Scholars are languishing, and publishing comments that cater to the government’s desire while officialdom is corrupted from its core. He also said that the evil of the CCP has not changed. The world is awakening to confront  CCP. The CCP has been alienated for a long time and it is at the tipping point of being eliminated, and the voice of freedom will blossom in China. Eliminating CCP is to promote justice and follow God’s will.

Professor Xu, 57 years old, was arrested by the police at his home in Beijing on July 6 for the alleged crime of “prostitution.” He was released after detention on July 12 and fired by Qinghua University on July 15.

The reason he was fired was because he had written at least 10 articles criticizing CCP in recent years, now in a collection as “Six Chapters of the Movement of 1898” which was recently published in New York.

CCP has no bottom line and it is a notorious tactic for CCP to frame someone as they did to Professor Xu, who has repeatedly criticized the CCP. In recent years, at least 17 college professors have been convicted for exercising their rights of freedom of speech, and Professor Xu is just one of them who have been persecuted by the CCP.

Since the founding of the CCP, scholars have been oppressed. In the Cultural Revolution movement in 1960s, CCP used mind control and extreme measures to silence the scholars with different opinions. CCP does not respect their research results and takes any intellectual work as their own if deemed as useful for its regime. Recently, more than 90 researchers, most having doctorate degrees, resigned collectively from the Hefei Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, which is one of the subdivisions of Chinese Academy of Sciences. They felt injustice and CCP’s contamination and oppression at every corner of their work.