When the Sino-US tension is escalating, a US C-17 transport plane arriving at Hong Kong last Saturday (18th) could be evacuating important documents and personnel from the consulate general in Hong Kong before ordering China to close its consulates in Houston, according to word on the street.

A US C-17 transport plane took off from Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan last Saturday morning, arrived in Hong Kong at 10:07 am, stayed at Hong Kong International Airport for more than 2 hours before heading to Manila at 12:31 noon.

US military transport planes’ visit to Hong Kong is nothing new. It also came last year. However, the timing made people believe that the plane’s arrival in Hong Kong could have something to do with the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston.

As far as the choice of the airplane is concerned, the Hong Kong national security law might have forced the Americans to use a military airplane as a safety measure to evacuate important items, documents, and even important personnel from the consulate in Hong Kong ahead of time.

Te past records showed that the U.S. C-17 transport aircraft also visited Hong Kong in August 2014 and stayed in Hong Kong for one day. It is reported that US military planes come to Hong Kong once every few months with the approval from the Civil Aviation Department in advance.