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Translated by: MOS English Team — Beyond X

Image source: The Wall Street Journal

It is reported that, as Russia is mired in the Ukraine war, the tension between Communist China and Russia has been rising.

Russia questioned the disappearance of the CCP’s original promise of “no limits” partnership, demanding that Communist China fulfill the terms of support in the China-Russia Joint Statement. But the CCP expressed dissatisfaction while dodging left and right.

“We understand Russia’s predicament. But we cannot ignore our own situation in this dialogue. China will always act in the best interest of the Chinese people,” the Chinese official said.

Interestingly, Le Yucheng, Communist China’s former deputy foreign minister, has now been demoted to deputy director of the National Radio and Television Administration. Before the demotion, Le was in charge of the negotiation of the China-Russia Joint Statement and announced that “there is no limit on China-Russia relations, there is no terminal, only gas stations.” Le’s demotion indicates that the CCP’s rogue tactics are also applied to China-Russia relations. According to the report, Xi Jinping has tasked his closest advisers to find ways to help Russia financially without violating the U.S. and international sanctions.

However, the West’s all-encompassing, all-weather surveillance and international sanctions on Russia prepared for the CCP are almost perfect. Even if Xi Jinping tries to find some loopholes, it will be difficult to meet Russia’s long-term and huge needs, and he will also face the risk of being severely sanctioned. The CCP is currently unable to provide further support.

Previously, the international community generally believed that the bottom line of the CCP was to ensure Putin did not lose power. So the CCP would support Putin’s regime while secretly providing money and weapons.

However, the strong sanctions in the hands of the West led by the United States, the continuous supply of war energy and advanced weapons from the effective market, unprecedented awakening and solidarity, the defiance of nuclear war, and the determination to fight the CCP have effectively deterred Xi Jinping.

As a result, Putin’s regime has become more fragile, and the forces opposed to Putin have become more powerful. In order to protect himself, his family, and vested interests, Putin may become more dangerous.

As to the CCP, the China-Russia alliance has been proven to be a foolish mistake. After weighing the pros and cons, Xi Jinping, who is under enormous pressure, is very likely to abandon Putin, who is not worth much now, and give up the trillion-dollar bet invested in Putin. Then the China-Russia evil alliance will exist in name only, and both will run wildly to their death.


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