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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Jessica loves Moon

It was reported on June 1st, local time, a company with Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s background prepares to buy Forbes Magazine for as much as $650 million.

Forbes magazine was founded in 1917. It is the only commercial magazine in the United States and is famous for publishing an annual list of the wealthiest people. According to American SEC’s filings, the CCP’s company that purchases Forbes magazine is Magnus Opus Acquisition Limited (Magnus Opus). The purchase deal was announced last August, and is expected to finalize within the next month. The CCP’s official news operated by Magnus Opus also includes Xinhua News Agency and China Daily in the United States.

US senators have serious concerns about the purchase. They think Forbes is a recognizable American brand that has tremendous value to the CCP’s propaganda. They call for more oversights to the CCP’s purchase of U.S. assets. The CCP’s editorial contents and the direction of Forbes’ business operations, as well as access to Forbes financial and personal research, could pose a serious security threat to the United States.

Senators also mention that the CCP intentionally fuzz up between intelligence, national security and network security, forcing commercial companies to cooperate with the CCP’s government intelligence. Written in Magnus Opus’s filings to SEC, Forbes Magazine may get oversights and discretions from the CCP, which will enable CCP to intervene and influence Forbes’s business operations at any time so that CCP can achieve its regulatory, political and social goals.


Proofread/Edited by: Grace
Posted by: Peter Chen

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