A car plummeted into 32-foot deep elevator shaft in an automated parking garage in China on Jul 9, 2020. The driver died tragically.

You are not watching a Halloween horror movie. This is the reality under CCP’s ruling: on Jul 9, 2020 in an automated parking garage in Huzhou, ZhejiangChina, the parking platform panel failed to arrive to the ground, the parking assistant failed to warn or stop the driver, and the car fell straight into a 10-meter deep (32-foot tall) elevator shaft. Though the driver was taken to hospital by the fire department after being seriously injured, he didn’t survive this tragic accident.

As the surveillance video shows, under the witness of the parking assistant, a white car dipped into the elevator shaft after the door opened when the parking platform panel failed to rise to the designated floor, and the driver with the vehicle fell into a 10-meter shaft (32 feet deep). It gives anyone chills that the electronic screen outside of the parking garage still states, “68 parking spots are still open. Welcome to our parking facility.”

When the firemen arrived at the scene, the vehicle was upside down and has considerably deformed. The firemen carried the equipment to rescue and the driver was sent to the hospital for further treatment. However, due to severe injuries, the driver perished unfortunately.

This is not an isolated incident with a combination of human mistakes and system failure under CCP’s ruling. To give a few examples, in Feb 2017, Yang Chaolin, 43, and Yang Yong, 44, an uncle and nephew from Shenyang, stepped into an elevator which plummeted down from 28th floor due to malfunction after celebration of the birthday of Yang Chaolin’s farther. A total of 48 elevator accidents happened in 2016 alone. In Jan 2016, a woman in her 40s was found dead with scratch marks all over the elevator door due to dehydration and starvation after 30 days being trapped inside an apartment elevator in Xi’an province, China because two maintenance workers turned off the power of the elevator without checking if anyone was inside. In Jul 2015, a 21-year old woman was beheaded by the elevator on the 16th floor in Zhejiang province, following another woman being crushed to death by falling through a loose escalator landing panel in Hubei province less than a week ago…

Why are there so many elevator mishaps under CCP’s ruling?

First, it is the system’s failure to blame. Rapid urbanization brought explosive growth for CCP’s economy, but the safety standards lack scrutiny or execution. Over 80 percent of elevator accidents are due to poor maintenance or repairs, even though the national regulations stipulate that the elevators should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and checked every 15 days, while most of the time the rule is simply ignored because the convenience of ignoring it overweighs the consequences of failing to do so to their perspectives. CCP officials who work for the supervision department are pre-occupied in climbing political ladders instead of conducting down-to-earth official business. Poor safety is a direct reflection of CCP’s poor system.

Secondly, correctable or avoidable human mistakes come into play. Elevator maintenance employees are typically short-term third-party contactors or substitutes who lack qualifications, motivation or accountability to perform adequate safety checks or provide fix, while being offered a bargain price to merely check the list on paper.

Thirdly, the value of life is not cherished in general because it is the “norm” of CCP treating all their people as dispensable objects. The cold-blooded CCP does not blink for the loss of human lives, if they are not the ones killing them already. This crocodile doesn’t even shed tears! 

A piece of advice: as long as CCP is still breathing, when you are in China, before you step into an elevator or drive into one, look twice and pray, then have your fingers crossed and hope for the best!






Elevator photo from: https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/the-21-worst-elevators-in-movie-history/