On May 25, Steve Bannon took an interview on his show War Room.

Image: WarRoom

The following is the highlight of the interview.

The interviewer responded to Mr. Bannon, that he totally agrees with him, because the infiltration in the Western society and governments is unprecedented, all this must stop.

Mr. Bannon said he believed such event showed the huge pressure Miles has been handling. Those who work for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are not just nobody.

Steve Wynn is a very senior figure in many aspects. Steve Wynn let it all out just to repatriate Miles back to Communist China, Wynn is also doing many other jobs for the CCP. Wynn uses text messages and emails to discuss matters with top cadre of the CCP, including Wang Qishan and people close to Xi. These people are not just a small gang, this is huge power.

Mr. Bannon hopes that American people are grateful to Miles, he can feel the pressure of Miles. If it were not Miles, they will not make such progress, and now they have made tremendous progress. If it were not Miles exposing internal mechanism of the CCP, they will not achieve anything. God knows, that if it were not Miles telling the world about the pandemic, War Room will not expose the truth on early January, 2020. The War Room and its associates are ahead of mainstream media in every fields. The mainstream media was laughing at them, and said that nothing would happen. It is Mr. Bannon and Miles that were always trying to figure out what happened. 

Imagine, if there were not Miles, Mr. Bannon said, what the world would look like. What America would look like. Look at the pressure on Wynn, these people are constantly trying to repatriate Miles. Wynn is cooperating with a transnational criminal organization to destroy America, Wynn is not only the threat of the Chinese people, he is also a threat to American people.

A few days ago, Mr. Bannon saw the document that ruthlessly attacked Miles. It is not that Miles exposed the transnational criminal organization, Miles also saved millions of lives, he exposed the truth of the virus, he did saved millions, you can feel it, Mr. Bannon added. 

Reference: https://gnews.org/post/p2628241/

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Posted by: James L

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