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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GM2020 Gu

On May 26th, Taiwan Investigation Bureau said it raided 10 CCP companies suspected of illegally poaching chip engineers and other tech talent this week.

The authorities claimed that the 10 CCP companies operated in Taiwan without approval, with the intention of illegally poaching Taiwan’s high-tech talent, which has badly impacted Taiwan’s international competitiveness and endangered the national security. Since Taiwan has the world’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturing capacity, all investments from Communist China in semiconductor supply chains would be strictly reviewed to protect its chip supremacy.

Additionally, according to a bureau official, the Investigation Bureau has launched investigations into around 100 CCP-linked companies suspected of illegally poaching technology talents. The bureau said it would keep high on alert and mount a crackdown on “the Chinese Communist Party’s illegal activities of talent-poaching and secret-stealing”.


Proofread/Edited by: Julian L
Chief Editor: RD R.
Posted by: Moli C.