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Translated by:Himalaya UK -Billy

During Miles Grand live of May 24, Mr. Miles talked about President Biden’s “YES” answer at the G-4 meeting when asked whether the United States is willing to use military to defend Taiwan from the Communist China ‘s aggression. Miles said, this is a decision made by the United States for the strategic interests of the Asia-Pacific Region. As a result, Communist China’s attitude on Taiwan was changed from “rapid attack” to “siege without attacking”.

The United States makes a clear gesture to its allies in Asia that US would come to the rescue of Korea, Japan and Taiwan whenever anything happens to them in the future. The importance of stressing on protecting Taiwan during Biden’s Japan trip is to make it clear to Japan, South Korea and Asian countries that the United States is determined to support the alliance.

Image Source: cnn

President Biden’s answer of “YES” was made on the basis of Japan’s 100 percent commitment that Japan would be the first to rescue Taiwan from the Communist China’s attack. This is also the condition that President Biden negotiated with Japan before his trip to Japan. Only under such circumstance would the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) be stopped from frantically attacking Taiwan. Furthermore, this “YES” answer is also a decision made after careful consideration of the United States. Taiwan should thank Japan first and then the United States.

Prior to Biden’s “Yes” answer, the CCP did not assess two aspects in terms of Military, e.g., the CCP did not expect Russia would lose so badly, and CCP did not expect the United States and Japan would make such a quick decision to adjust the strategy toward the CCP, which is to make strategic ambiguity policy completely clear.

Image Source: the kyiv independent

Based on the above-mentioned situation, the CCP’s determination to attack Taiwan has been greatly reduced. However, Xi Jinping will not give up attacking Taiwan. Under these circumstances, the CCP’s approach to Taiwan has shifted from a “rapid attack” to a “siege without attacking ” approach, which will reduce its threat to the Taiwanese people. The CCP will use the “siege without attacking” approach to negotiate with the United States and Japan, allowing Taiwan to maintain the status quo for 100-200 years. The CCP would promise Japan not to attack Taiwan, but would want Japan not to encourage Taiwan to become independent. A tacit agreement will be reached between the United States and Japan to allow Taiwan to continue to maintain the status quo. This is the biggest achievement of President Biden’s trip to Asia.

North Korea definitely feels the possibility of being wiped out at any moment. Its nuclear blackmail will no longer work, although it will still make small moves.  

Image Source: PBS

Finally, Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that the US and Japan now understand that if the US and Japan do not take a tough stance, the Communist China would definitely launch a devastating attack on Taiwan. With the US and Japan’s tough stance, the chance of Taiwan being smashed by the CCP is reduced by 50%. That’s why President Biden’s “YES” answer is so significant.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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