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Translated by: Tokyo Sakura Group – Revelation

On May 28th, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) conducted the largest live-fire training in Japan with tanks and artillery, “Fuji Comprehensive Fire Training” at the Higashi Fuji Training Ground in Shizuoka Prefecture.  A series of operations to repel the enemy was launched, using the imaginary island battle as the training subject.

Image Source: sankei

This time, it is planned to put the transport aircraft “V-22 Osprey” temporarily deployed at the Kisarazu station in Chiba Prefecture for the first time to demonstrate the response capability of the JGSDF.

Image Source: sankei

It is reported that the exercise is a general term for “general performance”, which attracted more than 20,000 spectators before the outbreak of the new CCP Virus.  In order to prevent the spread of infection, the general audience was banned entering for three consecutive years, and broadcasted through online video instead.  The purpose of this event is to educate the team members.


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