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Translated by: MOS English team – Tony MG

In a statement on May 27th, the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) stated that it had approved the registration of Starlink Internet Services Philippines Inc. (SISPI) as a Value-Added Service (VAS) provider.  SISPI is a wholly-owned Filipino subsidiary of Elon Musk’s private space company, SpaceX.  The company has been able to build broadband facilities in the country and will launch network services in the coming months.

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The Philippines will be the first Southeast Asian country to offer Starlink services, the NTC said.

NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba said that Starlink’s entry will benefit under-served areas in the Philippines.  Cordoba stated the NTC is steadfast in helping ensure that roll-out of Starlink’s internet access services will be done expeditiously and professionally.

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According to report, Starlink uses low-orbit satellites to provide high-speed, low-latency satellite internet services with download speeds between 100 megabits per second and 200 Mbps.  In the future, it will support video calls, online games, network streaming and other activities that cannot be achieved by the satellites before.


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