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Translated by: MOS Health Team – baoliaofen

Dr Giovanni Frajese made a bold statement in the Italian Chamber of Deputies on May 24th, that a commission of inquiry must be set up regarding Covid vaccines that can give us truth and justice.

Image Source: ilprimatonazionale

Giovanni Frajas, a doctor and endocrinologist, speaking in the Italian Chamber of Deputies that he never gives personal opinions, but he does provide scientific data that should be taken into consideration by the institutions.  He pointed out that with two doses of vaccine over six months, the protection is zero.  Between the seventh and ninth month, the protection is negative.  None of this has ever happened with any vaccine in history before the current experimental mRNA vaccine.  This means that vaccinated people are more easily infected than unvaccinated people.  We got the opposite effect compared to what was expected.  Worse, it means that the immune system is altered.  The loss of immunity can increase the possibility of hundreds of diseases.

He then called for a commission of inquiry into the Covid vaccine that would give us the truth and justice.  The expert-backed research paper basically had one thing in mind, about six months after the Covid vaccine was administered, the protection was significantly reduced.  Vaccinated people are more likely to become ill and infected than unvaccinated people.

Image Source: globalcit

Giovanni Frajas was suspended for questioning and refusing to accept the Covid vaccine, (CCP virus) and its vaccine that has plunged humanity into the darkest times.  It is all the more remarkable that doctors who do not accept the CCP virus vaccine are persisting and speaking out boldly about their understanding even as they are suspended from their jobs and salaries.  The vaccine disaster is gradually breaking out and the truth is slowly being uncovered.


Edited and Proofread by: Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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