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Image source: Mr. Miles Guo’s video on Gettr May 27, 2022

This time, through Al Jazeera’s interviews with a group of CCP pawns, we will learn more about Al Jazeera’s intention and motives for maliciously attacking Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblowers’ Movement, and we will debunk its lies one by one.

During Al Jazeera’s interview, Sasha Gong (Chinese name Gong Xiaoxia) admitted that before the April 19 broadcast disruption incident (“419 incident”), the CCP officials had contacted Voice of America (VOA) asking it to cancel the interview.  Nonetheless, on April 19th, the live interview started as scheduled.  But about 80 minutes into the interview, Gong Xiaoxia panicked and said that she had received an order from the president of VOA to cut off the interview immediately.  According to the announcement of the VOA, this live interview was originally scheduled for 3 hours.

Mr. Guo later revealed that the 419 incident was a sting carefully crafted by Gong Xiaoxia for personal interests.  In order to frame VOA CEO Amanda Bennett, Gong Xiaoxia asked for a live interview with Mr. Guo and promised a three-hour interview, but meanwhile, she told VOA executives that the live interview was only  one hour.  Gong Xiaoxia’s premeditated disruption was intended to expose the fact that VOA’s high-level officials have already been infiltrated by the CCP, and to use that as a basis to remove Bennett so she (Sarah Gong) could replace Bennet

Mr. Guo also revealed in a subsequent video that Gong Xiaoxia made a deal with Wang Qishan, the former premier of the CCP, through her younger brother in China, and received huge financial returns.  In exchange for greater benefit, Gong Xiaoxia even lied that Mr. Guo has possession of  Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan and other kleptocrats’s porn videos, leading to the arrest and imprisonment of Mr. Guo’s former colleagues.

Zhuang Liehong used to be a member of the Whistleblowers’ Movement and had the opportunity to access some sensitive information related to Whistleblowers’ Movement.  Later on, he purposely leaked information about Hong Kong democracy activist Zhong Hanlin, resulting in Zhonghanli got arrested by the Hong Kong Communist government.  After that, Zhuang Liehong was banished from the Whistleblowers’ Movement.  subsequently, Mr. Guo exposed Zhuang Liehong’s ties to the CCP’s State Security and the extent of his infiltration in the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

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