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Source of Picture: May 27, 2022 – Miles Guo’s GETTR live broadcast

Pan Linzheng was a supporter of the Whistleblower Movement. When he launched a deceptive fundraising campaign in the name of helping Hong Kong to discredit the brave young Hong Kong protesters who oppose the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Whistleblower Movement immediately kicked him out and stopped the fundraising activities. Later, Pan stood on the opposite side of the Whistleblower Movement and made false accusations against the Whistleblower Movement through various media platforms.

Mr. Guo Wengui later revealed that Pan is a registered spy of the CCP. Pan had sneaked into the Himalayan embassy before and had secretly asked for the source code and IP address of Guo Media, which included information of the long-range remote-control system. Mr. Guo said that Pan not only wants money, but he also wants the personal information of fellow fighters.

Teng Biao, in the past five years, has disguised as a human rights lawyer for the pseudo-democracy movement as a cover to slander the Whistleblower Movement. On August 10, 2017, Teng Biao published a tweet slandering Mr. Guo as a senior CCP spy and spreading rumors about Mr. Guo’s incest. In an interview with HBO-VICE in 2021, Teng Biao blatantly lied, disparaging the peaceful protests of the fellow fighters in the Whistleblower Movement as a personal threat, smearing the truth conveyed by the Whistleblower Movement, and defining it as fake news and conspiracy theories.

As early as August 24, 2017, Mr. Guo stated he did not know Teng Biao, and urged Teng Biao, as a so-called human rights lawyer who had been persecuted by the CCP, to provide evidence and be responsible for his words and deeds. Later, Teng Biao was also prosecuted for threatening the personal safety of others.

Over the years, pseudo-democracy activists who are hiding abroad using various identities as a cover. Under the control and command of the CCP, they attacked the Whistleblower Movement and Mr. Guo through various media platforms. With the disclosure of the facts by the Whistleblower Movement, the crimes committed by the pseudo-democracy movement were gradually exposed.

The Western world has also realized the CCP’s destructiveness of Western democracy, freedom, and civilization, and more CCP spies under the guise of “democracy movement” will be brought to justice in the future.

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