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1. One day after U.S. Secretary of State Blinken delivered a speech on China policy in Washington, the full text of the speech could not be found on the Chinese Internet. Chinese authorities not only blocked the full text of the speech published by the U.S. Embassy in China on WeChat but also restricted the dissemination and discussion of Blinken’s speech on Weibo.

2. Every year on the eve of June 4th, the Chinese authorities send people to monitor key members of the “Tiananmen Mothers” and prevent them from communicating with the outside world.

3. Taiwan is currently the main source of U.S. chips, with TSMC alone making nearly 90% of the chips of U.S. tech leaders such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. According to the Central News Agency, U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo said that 70% of the most sophisticated chips in the United States are purchased from Taiwan, and those are chips for military equipment.

4. The British Foreign Secretary held talks with Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipovsky, saying we must ensure that Taiwan is capable of defending itself.

5. The Moscow branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said today that the Moscow branch would sever ties with Russia and declare full independence due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

6. The Wall Street Journal said that when searching for Xinjiang and the origin of the Covid-19, official Chinese information topped Google’s search results.

7. Germany’s government has refused for the first time to support investment in China because of the human rights situation in the northwestern province of Xinjiang, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Friday, raising the prospect of sanctions on local officials.

8. U.S. President Biden attended the U.S. Naval Academy graduation ceremony on the 27th and delivered a speech to the graduates. Biden pointed out that “the next ten years will be the decisive decade of this century”. Biden lashed out at Russian President Vladimir Putin and named Chinese President Xi Jinping in his speech.

9. After China and Russia vetoed tougher sanctions against North Korea, the United States announced a series of sanctions against North Korea, including Russian banks and North Korean companies that contribute to North Korea’s purchases and earnings.

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