Mr Miles Guo Video Highlights2022.5.11 A Family Member Who Possesses the Map to Putin’s Wealth Was Arrested in France, Bitcoin Massively Tanked

Mr Miles Guo

Another news which sounds horrible. A few hours before the military parade, Putin received an injection. He couldn’t get through without that shot. Yes, it’s Putin who staged this whole thing. Before the disaster, he received an unknown call about another family member of Putin being arrested. The person who was arrested possesses the map of Putin’s massive wealth which was concealed deeply in Europe. He was arrested in France. It was a huge shock for Putin, a massive shock!

Apparently, it was gold! Right, antiques! And some other cryptocurrency! I heard about it a few hours after he was arrested and a few hours before he was arrested, Bitcoin had tanked. Because he was selling Bitcoins. Then, what does it all mean? It means that all of Putin’s properties that were concealed were discovered in Europe. All were basically found, the kids were found and the family members were found, and his wealth was found. Putin took another hit with this.

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