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After the “Stabilizing the Economy” meeting held on the 11th of this month, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, held another emergency “National TV and telephone conference on stabilizing the economy” on May 25. Li admitted that the economic situation in Communist China is extremely difficult, with employment, industrial production, electricity consumption, and freight indicators significantly declining.

In addition, Yi Gang, governor of the Communist China’s central bank, recently summoned 24 major banks across the country to increase their credit loan spending in May.

This year the CCP has held intensive economic stabilization meetings in an attempt to stimulate the domestic economy by increasing loans and re-easing restrictions on house purchases. However, domestic productivity has plummeted as a result of the pandemic lockdown, layoffs in various industries including large internet companies, and the constant exploding of debts by real estate companies. The economy of the Communist China is running to its dead end.

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