Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

On May 25, the State Council of the Communist Party of China held a national teleconference on stabilizing the economic market. Li Keqiang, who had just made a wave of his presence in Yunnan, made an “important speech”, hoping to “promote the economy back to normal track” through this conference.

In his speech Li Keqiang admitted that in March and especially since April, China’s employment, industrial production, electricity and freight indicators have been significantly lower and the difficulties are greater than when the epidemic hit hard in 2020.

After two years, looking at the epidemic prevention and control that the world wants to emulate and the Chinese economy that has been hit hard, the CCP has completely failed to learn the lessons of a series of social disasters caused by the totalitarian rule since 1949.

During the Mao era, the CCP pursued policies that caused the unnatural deaths of hundreds of millions of people. By the 1970s, when Deng Xiaoping was in charge, Chinese society was on the verge of production stagnation and economic collapse, and had no choice but to introduce a market economy and implement “reform and opening up”, which allowed the people to have limited wealth and stimulated the nation’s enthusiasm for production. Then China was able to enter an economic 30 years of improvement until Xi Jinping came to power and drove history into reverse, 

After Xi Jinping assumed the power of the party, government and army in 2013, he fully restored Mao Zedong’s red monarchy, and in the name of anti-corruption, he attacked local tyrants for the second time to snatch the wealth of the people. 

He also used viruses, vaccines, isolation, health codes, pass codes, travel permits, RNA testing and other means to gradually take back the limited freedom of the Chinese people, imprisoning the people into animal slaves, and bringing the Chinese economy to the brink of collapse again. This once again proves that the so-called economic problem of the CCP is a system problem.

At this meeting, Li Keqiang gave two solutions to “push the economy back onto a normal track”.

First, a package of 33 policies to stabilize the economy in six areas, but no implementation details. He demanded that “actionable implementation details should be issued by the end of May”, indicating that this is a fake pie, although the details are drawn in a “real” way, with 33 articles in six areas.

Secondly, the localities are given additional yardsticks and are required to work creatively and “solidly protect people’s livelihoods and distribute funds such as unemployment insurance, low income insurance and assistance to the masses in a timely manner”. The local finances of the Communist Party, which cannot make ends meet and is already bankrupt, cannot afford to “solidly safeguard people’s livelihoods” in accordance with this requirement.

The streets of China are empty, and the Bunds of Shanghai are desolate and grassy. The Communist Party’s statistics bureau announced that the youth unemployment rate hit a record high of 18.2 per cent in April, the highest ever recorded since statistics began. The Communist Party, which has always ruled by falsehoods, has again taken falsehoods to a new level, with Li Keqiang trying to fool the starving and closed Chinese people with empty pies.

China’s history and reality have proven that the economic problems of the Communist Party are part of the disaster brought about by the centralized system. The only fundamental solution to the Communist Party’s so-called economic problems is to overthrow the Communist Party and return power to the people.

Li Keqiang and others are avoiding the root of the problem, hoping to “put the economy back on track” by issuing two pancakes through this bullshit meeting, but this is destined to be empty talk.

In addition, the recent news of the arrest of a number of food-related personnel and the harvest of a large amount of green wheat in the CCP is not accidental, but intentional to release the news to find a good scapegoat for the next major food crisis in China. Because of the sudden food crisis in the future, ordinary people may not be able to accept it for a while. 

Now the CCP government has released news ahead of time like a frog in warm water. On the one hand, it is to eliminate the social instability caused by the food crisis. At that time, as long as the CCP government gives the people a bite to eat, they will not starve you to death, and the people will feel that their parents are not as good as the party.

Secondly, as pointed out in this article by NetEase, Hu Dongsheng, former secretary of the party group and director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Grain Bureau, could not properly face the organizational review and investigation after he arrived at the case, avoiding the seriousness of the matter and covering it up. 

In response to Hu Dongsheng’s psychological state, the review and investigation team adjusted the conversation strategy in a timely manner, arranged for the study of the party constitution and party discipline, and made him have a correct attitude. The review and investigation team also prepared a bowl of birthday noodles for Hu Dongsheng on his birthday, so that he could feel the warmth of the organization and make it truthful in front of the evidence.

Because of a bowl of birthday noodles, he was moved to explain all the facts, and the IQ of the common people was severely rubbed on the ground. Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that this kind of praise for the greatness of the Communist Party is false.

But the sad and lamentable thing is that most of the common people of China, under the long term brainwashing of the Communist Party, are ignorant, ignorant and do not know the truth from the falsehoods, good and evil, and tend to believe the truth of such lies. Under the long-standing SkyNet-style red propaganda and oppressive rule of the evil Chinese Communist Party, the common people have been turned into selfish, ignorant and greedy people.