Translated by: Ermat

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War is cruel and there is no winner for the peoples on both sides of the war. But in the decisive battle between justice and evil, the victory of justice is extremely important. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been going on for three months, mired in war by NATO and the US support for Ukraine.

Modern warfare has developed to this day, and it has developed into a confrontation in many fields such as information warfare, media warfare, diplomatic warfare, cold war and hot war. The West has used advanced technology and tactics to replace Russia’s traditional tactics. In contrast to World War I and World War II, Ukrainian fighters receiving Western aid had the potential to win the war without having to give too many lives. 

But that does not mean that modern warfare costs few casualties, as Russia has destroyed almost all buildings in targeted Ukrainian cities and caused massive civilian casualties. Compared to Ukraine, Russia’s battle damage has been enormous. According to a Ukrainian release, the Russian military’s current losses include some 29,350 soldiers, 1,302 tanks, 3,194 armored vehicles, 606 guns, 93 air defense systems, 201 missile launchers, 2,213 trucks, 205 fighter jets, 170 helicopters and 13 ships, the most famous of which is the Moscow missile cruiser.

Ukraine faces the world’s second largest military power. The amount of weapons Russia possesses is staggering. Russia’s annual arms exports account for one-fifth of the world’s total, and the former Soviet Union and the current Russian government only do two things: arms production and corruption. 

It is conceivable that if these weapons, including those prohibited thermobaric bombs, thermite bombs, cluster bombs, etc., are all dumped on the territory of Ukraine, what kind of destructive power will be produced. At this time, the war losses in Ukraine were not mentioned except civilians. Is this Ukraine’s lack of respect and grief for the fighters who gave their lives for their country? Not really! But what is frustrating is that this is only part of the media war. The casualty data of soldiers is a media weapon, and Russia is also using it.

However, the most unfair thing in real life is that the robbers take what belongs to you, and you have to resort to the “law” of a third party to get it back. This is the rule of a civilized society, and it is the price that people must pay to enjoy civilization. Russia’s invasion took what was not its own, including the lives of soldiers and civilians. 

If Ukraine strikes back in reciprocal terms, it will be a catastrophe for mankind. Ukraine must abide by the rules of civilization, but this will be a decision made by the Ukrainian people with blood and tears. Is this fair to Ukraine? No one knows how painful this price is, only God knows.

With the support of the Chinese Communist Party, Putin brazenly launched an all-out war of aggression for his own sake, which is a challenge to world civilization. And that’s just part of the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to try to dominate the world. 

If a short-sighted policy of appeasement is adopted and the dictator’s trampling on civilization is tolerated, it will surely ruin the future of mankind. Dictators on this planet are the incarnation of the devil, they enslave mankind and drag the world into the dark door, destroying the devil is the sacred duty of every warrior.

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