Translated by: MOS English team – Tony MG

Picture Source: Foxnews

President Joe Biden tended to both business and security interests in Sunday as he wraps up a three-day visit to South Korea, showcasing Hyundai’s pledge to invest at least $10 billion in electric vehicles and related technologies in the United States.

Before visiting South Korean and assessing its troops in countering the rapidly evolving North Korean nuclear threat, Biden already expressed the U.S. was ready for any provocation that Kim Jong Un might deliver.

Hyundai’s investment includes $5.5 billion for an electric vehicle and battery factory in the state of Georgia.

Appearing with Biden, Hyundai’s CEO Euisun Chung said in Sunday that his company would spend another $5 billion on artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles and other technologies.

“Electric vehicles are good for our climate goals, but they’re also good for jobs, and they’re good for business,” Biden said during a visit to a Samsung factory with President Yoon Suk-yeol in South Korea.


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