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Recently, Mr. Guo has repeatedly emphasized in the big live broadcast and in his Gettr how to let the fellow fighters and family members inside the wall (CCP China) live wisely.

In Communist China, under the CCP’s coercive and high-pressure policies, the economy has fallen sharply, people’s livelihoods have withered, and the people inside the wall are even more difficult. Coupled with the vaccine disaster, how to survive has become a huge challenge for the people inside.

Mr. Guo has given advice to his fellow fighters inside the wall many times during the live broadcast. To sum up, you can start to consider three aspects and come up with a solution that suits you.

First, the people inside the wall must first recognize the evil nature of the CCP, believe that they are born as human beings, and be restricted by belief and morality.

Screenshot from Mr. Mile Guo’s Gettr

Second, judge the situation calmly. All governments and regions within the wall have their own set of policies and measures, which are different from place to place, and fellow fighters need to learn to judge the situation. Fellow fighters in coastal areas, for example, can find ways to avoid military bases, and third- and fourth-line cities are safer than first- and second-line cities.

Third, look at yourself objectively, and be kind, courageous, and selfless at all times. In extraordinary times, with selfless kindness, while helping others, it will also bring good luck to you!

The fellow fighters in the wall have followed Mr. Guo’s wisdom for so many years. I believe that the people of the New Federal State of China can judge the situation and lead their families to survive this great change in life.

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5/26/2022 Miles Guo’s GETTR: The COVID vaccine disaster is so scary! Those who took three COVID shots are having the most adverse effects. The entire world is facing food shortages and famine. If Russia took the only key seaport under Ukraine’s control, people in many countries would starve to death. The Himalaya Pay and the Tang Ping (Lying-flat) Coin will be very crucial for our fellow fighters to get through the food crisis!

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