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Mr. Miles Guo said that a friend in China with a large wealth, because of his unclear understanding of the current situation, has always held an illusion and a fantasy about the CCP, so that his property was deprived by the CCP step by step. In the end, he was beaten almost to death because of a dispute over interests.

Mr. Miles Guo advises everyone that if a person cannot escape the temptation of fame, fortune, power and affection, he will lose the correct judgment on things and fall into the trap of fame, fortune, power and affection.  He said that erotica can bring joy to people, and that it is hell if you can’t control it.

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If you lose your mind in the face of money, fame, and fortune, you will fall into the black hole of desire, and finally you will enter the prison of fame and fortune. If you cannot see through these, then the big prison prepared by the CCP is waiting for you.

Mr. Miles Guo hopes that everyone will have a normal and basic understanding of the world and life. Don’t live a life in a muddle, put yourself in a dangerous situation, and finally have no chance to regret it.

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