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On Tuesday, May 24, Twitter user @jchovernut, a pilot for Allegiant Airlines and a veteran of the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, posted a video on Facebook showing a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 flying over the South China Sea when a missile launch was seen lifting off from the plane, possibly from a submarine. People can be heard in the video discussing whether the missile is coming in their direction.

The text in the video reads that while flying over the South China Sea, an emergency call was received at the last minute from air traffic control: ‘Turn 90 degrees to the left immediately!’

And the video is also unlikely to be the one from 2017, when a Cathay Pacific crew flying in northern Japan observed a North Korean missile test, as the airline said at the time that the crew saw part of the missile fall back to Earth, not launch it.

It is not clear exactly when and where the video was taken, nor is there any pilot notice (NOTAM).

However, the Communist Party of China’s (CCP) People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had announced that it would conduct exercises in the South China Sea between May 19 and May 23, which coincided with U.S. President Joe Biden’s visits to South Korea and Japan, but did not mention any plans for live missile launches.

If this is indeed an unannounced CCP missile launch from a submarine, ship or other platform in the South China Sea, a launch near a route used by commercial aircraft, or an aircraft very close to a projectile at some point, this seems to be an extremely reckless decision.

The world should realize that the Chinese Communist Party is constantly brutally testing the people of the Communist country and how much the world tolerates its dictatorship for the purpose of controlling the world.

Following Miles Guo‘ s lead to Take down the Chinese Communist Party is a must for justice.


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