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Good day to you, my noble fellow fighters. Today is May 27th. 

I have just finished exercising, and I feel so good, so happy! Everyone should exercise. I cannot imagine how I could manage to get through all these years without keeping exercising. Those who do not work out will not experience this joy. It feels so pleasant after finishing exercising!

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I received information from fellow fighters in China, which they thought to be intelligence. Some of it is indeed intelligence, fellow fighters, but you should be aware of intelligence’s value, and some cannot be considered intelligence.

I was asked, “Brother-7, what information is intelligence?”

First of all, it has to be helpful to our purpose of destroying the CCP. It must be materials that are valuable to help take down the CCP. It could be evidence that the CCP rules China by “gangster means, falsification, and deception,” including the genocide in Xinjiang, the religious persecution in Tibet, the “forced suicide [yet murdered by the CCP]” cases in Hong Kong, etc.

The photos that have just been released about the Xinjiang concentration camps came from a company that provides data services to the CCP — run by the mistress of a certain CCP Political and Legal Affairs Commission secretary.

Someone hacked into the company’s cloud server and obtained the data. The data is stored in the cloud, including all the facial information, which is 100% real. And there is more, I’m told. The whistleblower did not ask for a penny; it was free.

If someone from Xinjiang prison had provided such evidence to the New Federal State of China (NFSC), he would have been rewarded tens of thousands of digital coins, right? It would be worth about a million US dollars or so, wouldn’t it?

That is really a big deal, and there is a lot of data, according to the media’s reporting. The data is huge and comprehensive.

The CCP is very cheesy, and it knows very little about technology, so you must not take it too seriously. The CCP always says, on every occasion, “Hey, this is a state institution; this is a state apparatus…”

Screw you! So what if it’s a state apparatus? Iraq and Libya were state authorities, weren’t they? Tunisia was once a state machine, so what? The whole of Russia is a state power, too, so what? Russia is even considered to have the second strongest military power in the world.

So it is no big deal; people are the key, right? If you have the right person, there is nothing you can’t do. What state apparatus? Whom are you trying to frighten? Huh?

Whether you are the general secretary of the CCP Central Committee or deputy prime minister… In life they may be distinctive politicians, but definitely nobody has the abilities beyond the ordinary person, which is basic common sense.

That is why we are against the cult of any individual in all cases, right? A person is always a person; nothing is worth bragging about, okay? If you get the right people, there is nothing you cannot deal with. Getting intelligence is about handling the right guy.

Some fellow fighters send us information. For example, we received the architectural design drawings of a certain local police station; but what is the use of that? What is the use of architectural drawings for a police station, right?

There was also information about the personal life of certain leaders; we are not interested in most of this. It would be helpful if the information is about the private life of those old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing); it still has to be about the family members who are close to them.

Suppose it is a video of Wang Qishan (vice president of China) and Gao Yanyan (former managing director of Blackstone Advisory Partners) having an affair, taken two or three years ago; what is the use, right? It is useless. We do not want it, nor can we post it. Because no matter which media outlet we publish such a video, it will end up being deleted. Also, It is bad for our image. So that is not what we want.

Those sons of bitches such as Big-headed Asshole Lu De (Wang Dinggang) and Nine-fingered demon Sara (Wei Lihong, VOG) would do such things; they have no class and are fraudsters.

We need to do what is helpful to take down the CCP. For example, the other day, a certain fellow fighter sent me videos of the whole situation of the CCP’s army in Fujian, including the barracks situation and some videos inside the military. That was truly helpful.

We will manage to hand it to the Western countries, through the NFSC, to help them better understand the CCP’s latest deployments, which is helpful to give the CCP a deadly strike at a crucial moment, right? That is valuable.

Some fellow fighters sent me information about where the CCP has planted its minions in Hong Kong, …frankly, that information has lost much value. We are not interested.

But the fact about whom the CCP has murdered in Hong Kong, about how the banks in Hong Kong are falsifying, and about how much money the CCP deposited in the US and Hong Kong, and where the money is, especially CCP’s hidden dirty money — that kind of information is valuable.

In addition, a lot of new fellow fighters, especially from China’s public security system, prosecutor’s office system, and the court system, have recently joined the Himalaya Farms; that is a good thing. If any Himalaya Farm leaks information about any fellow fighter who has joined, you will suffer the most severe consequences. You must protect these fellow fighters’ information.

In particular, some prosecutors, those who worked for the Chinese prosecutor’s office, brought in a large amount of intelligence. The intelligence is mainly about how the CCP persecuted local businesspeople, framing them, including how the banks stole money from customers during the process of a police investigation and how some bank bosses resisted helping the customers to get their money back…This series of cases and evidence is useful.

The case files of people like Sun Lijun (former vice-minister of Public Security), Meng Jianzhu (former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee), Bruno Wu (Chinese American businessman and a registered CCP Spy), Yang Lan (Bruno Wu’s wife, Chinese media proprietor, also a CCP Spy), Wang Qishan, Luo Huining (Director of the Liaison Office of the CCP) are very valuable. These materials are useful to us. If you have materials other than that, it’s hard to tell.

I hope that the heads of all Himalaya Farms will follow one principle: That people and information are judged valuable depending on whether they are helpful to our goal of taking down the CCP. We must collect such information, pay for it, and protect our fellow fighters and the information they bring in at all costs. But it has to be valuable. We receive much information every day; most is of no value.

A while ago, someone once provided us with photos and information about what happened in Xinjiang, but that information was too primitive. Although there were tens of thousands of photos, there was no way to confirm the photos were from the concentration camps in Xinjiang; there was a lack of evidence.

Unlike this time, someone obtained the data in the cloud, and the data came directly from the company cooperating with the CCP, run by the mistress of a certain CCP Political and Legal Affairs Commission secretary, right? There is evidence in the data, with the names, the arrests, the photos… all in it. And it can be identified. So it is valuable.

This is very important, so I want to reiterate: The Himalaya Farms must make sure that those fellow fighters who have joined you are well-protected, brothers and sisters! I believe there will be more fellow fighters joining the NFSC soon.

Another thing is that I am sure that many Chinese overseas, including these second and third-generation Chinese overseas, may need to find a job in the following months as the vaccine disaster continues to get worse.

If you need a job, please get in touch with the Himalaya Farms. We will prioritize your job applications. Especially for the second generation of the Whistleblower Movement — who is good at English, has already obtained a Western identity, and is willing to join the NFSC, who genuinely wants to join us and not just to pursue the money — You are the future of the NFSC, brothers and sisters.

What a sunny day in New York today; look at that. The sun is shining.

The bigwig, who is next door to me, showed up and dined on the balcony yesterday. All the chairs and cushions were set well before he enjoyed the meal, and the outdoors were thoroughly mopped and wiped clean in advance.

The flowers he planted — just normal flowers in California — cost him 1 or 2 million dollars. The garden had originally been built and was dismantled to rebuild afterwards… It went on and on over almost eight or nine years.

He sat there in the morning, had a drink, ate a little food, and then left after about an hour. His staff prepared for most of the year. This pal just lounged around for half an hour and then left. Afterwards, the garden was re-covered. 

He spent £150 million renovating and rebuilding the garden. This man is genuinely wealthy; his company is now worth over $10 billion. It’s that company, Universal Music. Amazing, isn’t it?

I consulted with someone last night — because we are developing the G-Music platform. Wow, I was shocked.

Do you know how hard it is to make the man he is today? Do not just look at how much money he’s owned by now. That is the result of the accumulation of many years’ works and the gathering of technology and talented people over the years.

So trying to make money fast or make money big will not have a good end. How could you end well through venture or speculating on the stock markets? Wealth could only be gained through time, effort, hard work, and wisdom like this man; that kind of wealth is solid and real, isn’t it?

Before the celebration of the NFSC’s second anniversary on June 4th, the arrival of many fellow fighters whom I had not met before brought me so many feelings. 

I barely slept last night. Except for the video conference, I was so excited and felt merry. It brings me the same excitement and thrill as I entered the bridal chamber in the past. Of course, I won’t make that mistake of entering someone else’s bridal chamber; do not worry.

You will feel a unique and different second-anniversary celebration of the NFSC in 2022, brothers and sisters.

Thank you, everybody! Oh…I will probably attend the Miles Grand Live show on Sunday.