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On May 21, 2022, at the Medika Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, A New Federal State of China volunteer interviewed Alek. Alek is a volunteer from Ukraine, helping Ukrainian refugees return to Ukraine from Poland at the Medika Refugee Relief Center. Alek thanked the volunteers of the NFSC and Rule of Law Foundation for providing warmth for refugees and volunteers in the cold winter and for delicious food and coffee. He supports the NFSC in taking down the CCP.

The following is the content of the interviews with a NFSC volunteer and the volunteer Alek from Ukraine.

NFSC volunteer: “Welcome to our tent. I see you have our coffee, please tell us your name and where you come from.”

Alek: “Yes, sure. I’m from Kyiv, I’m here to help my citizens. I came here for the first time a month ago when it was very cold and the situation was worse than now. This tent is the best place all around where volunteers and refugees can get warm first, and tasty food and coffee. It’s incredible for me to find a such place, thank you so much for your help.”

NFSC volunteer: “Thank you, thank you for coming here to help.”

Alek: “Now I’m here again because I found time to come here. I want to come to say thank you. Thanks again for making this big billboard” It’s amazing, because I don’t know what’s going on right now, but a month ago, it was very useful. Because no one knows the train schedule or anything like that. And another point is that I took pictures of all information around to show my friends in Ukraine because we haven’t heard anything about your movement. So, it’s very interesting. And the only thing I want to say is that we support your movement. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but you guys took the first step.”

NFSC volunteer: “Yeah. When you tell your friends what you saw in our tent and show them the pictures, what did they say to you? Or what did they think?”

Alek: “they said: We didn’t know anything about the anti-communist movements in China or the world because there is no information about it. I don’t know why? There was no information in here. But now they know.”

Alex: “I read an article today about Shanghai, Maybe I’m wrong, isn’t it?”

NFSC volunteer: “Yes, Shanghai. The Shanghai lockdown.”

Alek: “It’s Unbelievable!”

NFSC volunteer: “Yes, it’s horrible.”

Alek: “Only dictator state can do such things with people.”

NFSC volunteer: “Yes, they treat people worse than animals and worse than dogs and cats.”

Alek: “Absolutely. I want to say that the purpose of wealth must not be for the pleasure of those in power, but the happiness and health of the people. This is I believe in.”

NFSC volunteer: “Yes. We are the new Chinese people, we are here to fight for the freedom of the Chinese people and the freedom of all people in the world.”

Alek: “Thank you very much from the whole Ukraine!”

NFSC volunteer: “Thank you! The Chinese government does not represent the Chinese people, we are completely different. We want to make this very clear. We also want the world to know that we are anti-communist and anti-CCP. We want to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party!”

Alek: “Yes, I support your movement. Good luck”

NFSC volunteer: “Okay, thank you!”

Alek: ” Slava Ukraini! Love Ukrainians!”

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