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Translated by: MOS English Team – mingyue

Japan’s Tokyo government has expressed “serious concerns” to Communist China and Russia about strategic bomber flights during the Quadripartite Summit in Tokyo. 

Image: KYODO

On Tuesday, six Chinese and Russian strategic bombers flew over the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. In what was apparently a protest of the meeting among the leaders of Japan, the United States, Australia and India. 

Chief Cabinet Secretary, Hirokazu Matsuno, spokesman of the Japanese government, said the joint military flight exercise by China and Russia during the summit was a “show of force” for Japan. The flight increased tensions in East Asia and will not be ignored. Despite the international community’s efforts to stop Russia’s aggression, the CCP still dared to conduct military exercises. The Japanese government “strongly demanded China play a responsible role in maintaining peace and security in the international community.”

Masahisa Sato, of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Foreign Affairs Department, criticized Beijing, saying that “China has demonstrated itself as a rogue nation. We must show a stern stance based on international law against such an aberrant show of force,”


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