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(Upper) On the afternoon of June 4th, 2021, in order to prevent citizens from entering, the police officers were deployed to “occupy” Victoria Park; (below) the “June 4th” candlelight rally held in Victoria Park over the years has had tens of thousands, or even 100,000, citizens participating. The picture shows the 2017 “June 4th” candlelight rally. (The Epoch Times composite image)

The CCP and the Hong Kong authorities exploited the Wuhan outbreak as a pretext two years ago to prevent the Alliance (The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement) from conducting the annual “June 4th” candlelight vigil in Victoria Park. The LCSD will not hire the Victoria Park Football Stadium on June 4th this year, but it can still make bookings for other days around that day. The department did not provide a positive response.

According to “Ming Pao,” a member of the public called the LCSD yesterday (23) to inquire about the rental situation of the Victoria Park hard-surface football pitch from June 1 to 5, but the staff said that the entire day on June 4 will not be rented, but the rest of the days can be rented. The LCSD stated that due to the epidemic, it has halted the processing of booking applications for sports venues under its jurisdiction for general non-designated activities. The LCSD also did not receive any public applications or inquiries for renting the Victoria Park Football Stadium for non-designated activities from June 1st to 5th.

Ming Pao spoke with Zhao Enlai, a former member of the Alliance’s Standing Committee, and Wu Wenyuan, a former chairman of the Social Democratic Alliance. Wu Wenyuan stated that there was no discussion about whether or not there would be any action that day. Di Zhiyuan, a member of the social welfare sector who claims to be the Legislative Council’s “only non-establishment faction,” stated that society has become calmer since the implementation of the National Security Law, and he believes that the government should not be overly sensitive. Mourning for June 4th, like free speech, should not be frowned upon. “It should be approved as long as it is a legal gathering.” However, Di stated that because the meeting was moved to discuss restarting the political reform, he would be unable to present a motion in the Legislative Council on June 4th.

The Hong Kong government prohibits “June 4th” memorial activities

Like last year, the HK government has banned the June 4 mourning activities in Victoria Park for the third consecutive year. After the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” last year, the police opposed the “Don’t Forget June 4th” parade on May 30th and the ban on the “June 4th” candlelight vigil gathering in Victoria Park. The Office of the Chief Secretary for Administration also refused Alliance’s application of Exemption from mass gathering.

That night, the police sent a large number of officers to guard Victoria Park and block the hard-surface football field. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents, however, continued to hold candles or turn on their cellphones to mourn in various districts. On the same day, at least ten people were arrested or charged with “inciting others to participate in an unauthorised assembly” or violating the “gathering restriction order.”

June 4th, 2020 marks the first anniversary of the anti-extradition movement. The police issued a “notice of objection” to the Alliance’s request to hold a mourning rally in Victoria Park, and the football stadium in Victoria Park was surrounded by iron fences.

However, despite the threat of the HK NSL, the Alliance, pro-democracy activists, and a large number of citizens went to Victoria Park to mourn. Some residents threw down the iron fences, and a large crowd entered the Victoria Park football stadium, lighting candles and cheering for the Alliance.

They chanted slogans such as “Recover Hong Kong, Times Revolution,” “Five demands are indispensable,” and “May Heaven destroy the CCP” in addition to the 5-demands. Several pro-democracy activists were arrested later for “participating in an unauthorised assembly” or “inciting others to knowingly participate in an unauthorised assembly.”

Commentary: June the 4th is the 2nd anniversary of the New Federal State of China, which is the hope of freedom for Chinese and the people in Hong Kong.

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