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A series of satellite images published by Maxar Technologies, dated May 19 to 21, showed two Russian-flagged freighters loading grain at a port on the Crimean. Currently, the two freighters have left the port, based on data from the ship tracking site,, with one sailing through the Aegean Sea and the other still in the Black Sea.

Previously, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has accused Russia of stealing of Ukrainian grains and reselling for profits. Following the Russia-Ukraine war, Russian forces have been wantonly plundering grains, and the barns in their occupied areas have been pillaged. Furthermore, Russia has been hindering the export of Ukraine merchandise, blocking almost all its ports.

Ukraine ranks the world’s fourth corn and the fifth wheat exporter. The UN World Food Program, which sources approximately half of its annual wheat supply from Ukraine, warned that the continuous closure of Ukrainian ports would cause catastrophic consequences. Zelenskyy also called for international communities to help Ukraine unblock seaports, otherwise, more states would experience food shortages.

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