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Translated by: OX News Team – MaiTian

Xi Jinping told senior U.N. human rights official that every country should be allowed to find its own path, criticizing countries that politicize human right issues, foreign sources reported on May 25th. 

Image: Reuters

The Chinese Communist Party tolerates no political opposition and strictly limits speech. Xi Jinping criticized countries that lecture others on human rights and politicize the issues.  

The U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet is on a six-day visit to China, including stops in Xinjiang. The CCP government has been accused of human rights violations and genocide against the Uyghur population and other ethnic groups. Bachelet’s trip has been criticized by the U.S. and other countries who believe that China will limit whom she can talk to, staged managing her trip and use it for propaganda purposes. 

The CCTV report didn’t mention Xinjiang, nor CCP’s harsh measures on dissidents, activists and ethnic minorities in Tibet and Inner Mongolia. 

It had been valuable to have direct dialogues with Xi Jinping and senior officials of the CCP on human right issues and concerns in China and globally, Bachelet said on Twitter. 


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