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Translated by: HA Multilingual Group – Leo M

In the May 26 Gettr live chat, Miles Guo compared the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to a chariot with the Himalaya Alliance Committee at the helm: After two years of talent recruiting, many brave live broadcasters are voicing out through the network, and countless fighters are working diligently behind the scenes, the Whistleblower Movement has set off with its flag more and more visible to the world.

Miles said that the preparations for this year’s June 4th celebration had reached a new level. Fellow fighters stay in a hotel with partial ownership and are broadcast live in the office owned by the NFSC; they feel at ease and secure. Under the management of the Himalaya Alliance, each person has the opportunity to maximize their talents, and close collaboration and teamwork based on the principle of appointing people on merit are necessary to maximize the effectiveness of taking down the CCP.


Proofread/Edited by: Angelina Lee
Chief Editors: Henry W.& Kayla J.
Posted by: Moli C.