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Translated by: OX News Team – Justice

On May 26th, when Miles Guo met with his followers, he talked about faith.  Mr. Guo said that “destroying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)” is the people’s belief of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

The NFSC is about to welcome its second Anniversary on June 4th.  Followers who will participate in the event arrived at the headquarters in New York one after another.  There were Longwood, Feifei, and Xiaofuli couples.  They met happily and talked well with Mr. Guo.

During their meeting, Mr. Guo asked whether they had any religious beliefs.  Some answered that they believed in Buddhism, some believed in Christianity, and some had no faith.

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Mr. Guo said, no matter what you believe in, our only goal now is to “take down the Chinese Communist Party.”  Since the Whistleblower Movement started, there has been no “something in between.”  Everyone is facing the founder of the New Federal State of China, the founder of the Whistle Blower Movement and creator of Gnews, Mr. Guo himself.  Destroying the CCP is our absolute religion and belief.

During his interaction with his fellows, Mr. Guo talked about the many problems we have faced since the initial establishment of the New Federal State of China, such as sustaining the CCP’s hacking attacks repeatedly during livestream.  Facing the threat of the CCP’s minions, outsmarting CCP’s agents infiltrated among us and traitors, etc.  We all grew together.

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The eradication of the CCP means eradicating evilness.  Only by eliminating the CCP can we have relative equality.  The NFSC cannot guarantee absolute fairness, but it will provide a wholesome system with equality.


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