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Translated by:  MOS Gospel Team – Happybird

Australia’s new Prime Minister Albanese proclaimed on May 26th, that he will increase support for Pacific Island nations to confront Communist China’s offensive.

Image Source: reuters

According to the news, a draft of a joint statement that said Communist China was looking for agreements with 10 Pacific Island nations in the fields of police, security, trade, maritime and data communications.

Albanese stated the need to solve this problem.  He told Sky that support (for Pacific Island nations) must be strengthened, not flinch as the previous administration did, and that the New Labour Government has pledged to strengthen its support for Pacific Island nations through measures such as maritime security.

Australia’s new Foreign Minister Ying-Yen Wong will visit Fiji on the 26th, and hold talks with the country’s Prime Minister.  This will be the first visit to the Pacific Island nations since taking office on the 23rd.

Image Source: abc

At the same time, Foreign Minister of Communist China Wang Yi arrived in the Solomon Islands, the first stand on his eight-nation visiting of the Pacific Island nation.  Next week, he will hold a conference of Pacific foreign ministers in Fiji to search agreement on a five-year action plan.

Image Source: abc

Prime Minister of Fiji Bainimarama revealed a Twitter’s post on May 26th, that he will meet separately with Ying-Yen Wong and Wang Yi on May 27th and May 30th, and stated what matters most at any negotiating table is respect for our people, our planet and international law.


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