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According to the Globe and Mail on May 25, in the face of the current bloc of new trade rules in the Indo-Pacific region dominated by the United States, the Canadian government should join and sign the agreement as soon as possible to avoid missing the country that accounts for 40% of the world’s GDP. new trade negotiations.

As for why Canada did not participate in this discussion of reshaping the future of business in the Indo-Pacific region, Trudeau said a few days ago: Canada is already a member of the [Trans-Pacific Partnership], and therefore priority access to the Asian market. And this time the U.S. is trying to forge ties with countries in the region that don’t have free trade agreements, with little impact on the interests of Canadian companies.

Although the authorities did not mention whether they would join the Biden-led Indo-Pacific talks, the Canadian business community said the new Indo-Pacific Economic Cooperation Framework is a trade agreement covering much of Asia. In the absence of negotiations, Canada will be gradually marginalized in future international affairs.

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