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According to the Toronto Star on May 24, the Canadian government is urging the country’s farmers to increase production of wheat, barley and other major grains this year in response to a global food supply crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The head of the Agricultural Federation said: Although they are well aware that they are growing food not only for Canadians, but also to feed the world’s population, the Russian-Ukrainian war has led to a rise in global energy and crop prices such as wheat. At the same time, high fertilizer prices, insufficient seed supply and labor shortages have directly pushed up agricultural costs and, as a result, greatly reduced farmers’ production profits.

Russia and Ukraine previously exported a quarter of the world’s wheat, the report said. However, the Russian-Ukrainian war, which has lasted for more than three months, has not only restricted Ukrainian grain production and exports, but has also led to the imposition of severe Western sanctions on Russia’s exports of wheat, especially oil and natural gas.

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