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According to the U.S. Becker News report on May 23, the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducted research on the “Transformation-associated recombination (TAR) ” of monkeypox virus DNA last year.  The related result article was published by Shi Zhengli in the journal “China Virology” in August 2021, and received strong support from the CCP authorities.

According to the report, Shi Zhengli’s team selected the more pathogenic and infectious “Congo monkeypox virus”, and used professional laboratory technology of DNA sequence synthesis to reassemble the gene fragments of the virus as a functional enhancement tool.

The study acknowledges that safety concerns remain with the viral assembly tool, and that the modified monkeypox virus contains a full set of genetic material and can quickly revert to an infectious agent.  Therefore, this sudden outbreak of monkeypox virus infection in the world may be closely related to the Wuhan virus laboratory again.

News source:Wuhan Laboratory Found to Have Conducted Novel Monkeypox Research One Year Before Global Outbreak

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