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Once I recalled the turbulent event called the Cultural Revolution originated by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) evil leader Zedong Mao, I couldn’t stop thinking. People were stuffed with the thought of serving the CCP sincerely and with the thought of being unified.

I was too young to understand why people hurt each other. People and their parents turned against each other mainly because of the secretly reporting system, human’s great values, such as kindness, respectful were no longer be found.

I only remembered being hungry every day when I was still very young, and the food was made of coarse grains. There was no nutrition, and my only wish was to have a full stomach. Before my mother cooked every day, she used a pair of chopsticks with twine, touched the black porcelain cylinder (it was an oil container that barely had any oil in it), and the then touched the surface of the wok, that would be all the oil we could get in the meal – there was no oil in the meal at all. If you could smell the sweet oil aroma from the meal, you would be happy as at most time, we had never tasted oil at all.

At Mr. Miles Guo’s recent live broadcast, he said in the 1960s, the number of death out of starvation was tens of millions, and I have no doubts about it. We were born in the 1960s, and until the 1970s, we finally have enough food to eat. Especially we were born in BaBaili HeTao, a grain-producing area with less population, so we believed that on the contrary, it would be worse! But now we are in a planned economy time again designed by the evil CCP; so ridiculous! You cannot imagine the evil CCP restarting the enslavement again by the planned supply system and public ownership. The CCP is planning to kill us! The Chinese shall not be selfish, ignorant and foolish again, as said by Yufeng Zhang. We must take action now and remember our suffering. We hope that we will wake up the Chinese to the best ability.

When we were young, the place filled with vermicelli and tofu was our favourite place when we were starving. When lucky, you might get some small pieces of vermicelli and tofu for your stomach, and CCP’s party branch secretary distributed the vermicelli and tofu according to work points. As the whole family, we lacked the labour force, so we were lucky to get two or three pounds of vermicelli. Also, and less than five pounds of tofu in a year. If you could get coarse grains, you were rich.

Where were the meat and flour? You might ask the question. The CCP and their families had taken all the meat and flour. We, the people who created the social wealth, had no right to enjoy the achievement. The CCP and their family had taken all the wealth. What a horrible social system!

I remember a particular event and would like to share it with you. When I was young, one day before dinner, I was sneaking out to the kitchen for vermicelli and tofu. Through the door gap, I saw that the boss of the kitchen was eating vermicelli with sesame oil. What a temptation! He locked the kitchen door and took a dozen vermicelli away when he finished his dinner. We people did not own the food and the wealth. When had the evil CCP’s lack of food ever? As Mr. Miles Guo said: “Have you ever seen any CCP members starve to death? When was the military compound had no food?”

The evil CCP distributes social wealth, and that will kill us! Back to my story. The guy in charge of the kitchen forgot to close the window by coincidence. After he left, I sneaked into the kitchen and took the copper scoop to get some sesame oil with vermicelli. It was so delicious for a starving young man! And it was the first time in my life that I was stealing food. I was too hungry and overate. My stomach hurt so badly. I had no diarrhea, no vomit, but hiccupping non-stop. I was hiccupping for the entire night, and my mother asked me what I had eaten. I told my family the whole story, and my father whipped me. Since then, I dared not eat vermicelli for several years, and once I ate vermicelli, I would hiccup.

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