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Translated by MOS English Team – Mark Wen

On May 25, on Gettr livestream, Miles Guo talked about several serious crises the people living under Communist China are facing.

Firstly, the stock market crisis. From yesterday to now, the CCP has modified computer data to maintain the stability of the Hong Kong stock market, and at the same time CCP threatened people in mainland Communist China not to sell stocks. The CCP even prohibited Chinese companies listed in the United States from selling stocks. In addition, the SEC in US will definitely delist all Chinese stocks. Investors know that the stocks will be cleared, but they can do nothing but wait for bankruptcy.

Secondly, the food crisis. Even countries with good crop harvests hoard foods all over the world. Foods from all countries were snapped up. Even during the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian were seen robbing foods in Ukraine. Miles Guo especially reminded that the Communist China domestic food crisis has already begun.

Image Source: asaase

Thirdly, drinking water crisis. Many provinces in Communist China have always been short of water. The serious pollution made the water situation worse. Difficulty in getting drinking water is a huge threat to People’s survival under CCP regime.

Fourthly, the medical treatment crisis. Due to the CCP’s zero COVID policy, people in Communist China cannot go to the hospital if they are sick. Even if they go to the hospital, they couldn’t afford the medical bills.

Above all, the vaccine disaster. The CCP has created a poisonous vaccine, harming the world. Miles Guo reiterates that no disasters are bigger than the vaccine disaster under CCP regime.


Proofread/Edited by: Grace
Posted by: Peter Chen

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